Hello, my name is Igor Chak, I was born in the far eastern city of Vladivostok, Russia. At the age of 5 my family moved to Tokyo Japan, this is where everything begins for me.  Growing up in Japan I was immersed in a fascinating culture full of innovative technology. Not to mention the history of a proud and honorable society. Around this time my point of view began to change and the artist within me emerged.  Never bored, I could sit in a chair for hours either drawing, sculpting or just wondering in my own thoughts.  By the age of seven an enthusiasm for clay sculpting took hold of me. I've been blessed with the ability to almost exactly interpret what I have in my imagination. As good fortune would have it, my work was noticed and displayed in my own exhibition in Tokyo.

At the age of ten my parents have moved back to Vladivostok, Russia.  It was quite a shock to move from one of the safeties countries in the world to a post-soviet Russia. But it was home and I had to live through the best of it. Three years later my family was on the move again, this time to a northwestern city in the US called Seattle.

Seattle was my third home, throughout the years I got really interested in how products that we consume work. It began with taking things apart and putting them together, then making them better by modifying them… I can’t say it worked most of the time but as people say it’s not the end result but the process of development and of course I never stopped drawing and sculpting with clay…

This interest of how things work gave me a clear path into what I wanted to do with my life. After I graduated high school I got accepted to the Art Institute of Seattle majoring in Industrial design, where I have spent time studying things such as art, design and model making. Two and a half years later I have graduated from the Art Institute of Seattle with a brought knowledge of the design world and was ready to face the world.

The first stop in my career brought me to Salt Lake City, Utah, where I worked as a model maker. Working with a talented team, I was able to quickly pick up the skills and tools necessary for product design. This was crucial in my development as I was new to the world of design. After a six month stay my eagerness to learn new things had me moving once again. This time it was to sunny Los Angeles, California. After a month as a model maker I was promoted to the head of the finishing department.

A couple months later I accepted the opportunity as an advanced prototyping specialist for Nokia inc.

Throughout my years at Nokia I've soaked in an enormous amount of information. Despite all of what I was learning I was compelled to improve my design skills. So I started taking evening classes at Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, California. Two years later I decided to try myself out in being a self-employed contractor, this enabled me to learn and work on a completely different variety of products, anything from transportation design to furniture design. This was a huge experience for me as I got to meet and learn from amazing people throughout the world.

Couple of years later I got an offer to work for a major US tattoo supply company in Los Angeles that wanted to expand their product line. As a person that knew nothing about the tattoo industry I slowly started to learn everything I can about this interesting field and 3 month later I finally got a good knowledge of different tattooing techniques, what equipment tattoo artist used and how they functioned. Working there was an amazing experience, as working with different tattoo artists. Unfortunately about a year and a half later I had to go to St. Petersburg Russia to see my parents, and fortunately this is where I thought I could really grow. Industrial Design in Russia is a pretty new thing; most of the people do not even know that there is such a profession. I was offered a product design position for a very big consumer products company in St. Petersburg, Russia.

This was another huge step as this is where i started to learn new field as packaging design.

Aside from my professional work i have started to accept a lot of side work, and this is where i understood a huge demand for product design in Russia! this is when i have decided to  to expend my design skill to creating an Igor Chak design studio based out of St. Petersburg, Russia where local companies wouldn't have to outsource their design projects to other countries and wouldn't lose time and quality over language barriers.

Besides the opening of my design studio, due to a high request to buy my products i have opened an online shop.

In 2012 I've moved do St' Petersburg, Russia where I worked for a big Russian consumer goods company Rosel. This was a completely new and valuable experience for me as I have never really designed any FMCG goods. Besides my work I have also been giving lectures on Industrial Design in a St. Petersburg State Art and Industry Academy.


In 2014 I have decided to move back to Los Angeles and open my design studio, Chak Design.


My design philosophy

Since the beginning of my carrier my design philosophy has not changed a bit, I believe in a well developed, elegant design that has a story, with history and passion to it. A design that is simple, clean and user friendly.